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About Us

The GOAT Sports Nutrition line of supplements comes from a long pedigree that spans way back before we became a proper gym facility in 2007, Flex Fitness is now Orange County’s premier gym for fitness training and workout routines. We have been voted the #1 gym in the OC. It's the perfect gym for everybody and anybody. Our focus is on athletes, bodybuilders, fitness models and anybody who professionally competes.  We are the gym for you if you are looking to get serious about your training to build strength and a toned physique.  Our premium fitness center is located in Laguna Hills, Ca. Right next to Lake Forest. We provide expert personal training. As well as all of our athletic trainers are nutrition specialists and can help with a personal diet plan for our valued fitness-centered clients and members.

At Flex Fitness we are focused on transforming each of our clients into the person he or she wants to become — strong, well-toned, fit and full of optimal energy. We are committed to treating you as an individual, listening to you and evaluating you carefully to determine which workouts and nutritional programs are best suited to your particular needs.

By combining his extremely high standards, strong work ethic and years of experience. Tony Nammari, founder of Flex Fitness, has created Orange County’s Premier Bodybuilding gym. Flex Fitness was born from a desire for something more and to provide something better.

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